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August 25, 2004

Beyond Hedging Your Bets

I rarely keep up with all the technology rumor sites, because they're often full of crap, poorly-written, and generally not worth my time. Once in a while I do drop by to see what kinds of rumors people are trying to start (especially when people start asking me about products that don't exist).

There are the usual left-field predictions, but then there are "predictions" like this which sites use to increase their credibility:

AppleInsider has confirmed through multiple reliable sources that Apple is preparing to unveil new products early next week. The introductions are expected to begin appearing on the company's website as early as Monday evening.

Amazing! This rumor site has somehow deciphered that Apple plans to announce new products next week! During an expo where Apple has historically announced new products! Wow!

Give me a break. How lame can you get? "Quick, let's spin fact into conjecture so we look right!"

I can do it too:
Middle Grey has confirmed through multiple reliable sources that the sun will prepare tonight to rise again early tomorrow. The sunrise is expected to begin appearing at the horizon throughout the world as early as 3 hours from now.

Now join me tomorrow as I announce the winning lottery numbers.

Posted by Colin at August 25, 2004 12:37 PM

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