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August 5, 2004

Don't Read That Label!

I made the horrible mistake of reading an ingredients label today. Sometimes you just don't want to know what's in that food you've spent your whole life things is so delicious.

Like summer sausage. Picked up a package of Oscar Meyer summer sausage at the store because I'd had a craving. Out of curiosity I turned the package around today as I was making a sandwich, and staring back at me was Beef hearts. Beef hearts! As in cow circulatory organs.

I tried briefly to pretend "beef hearts" was a heart in name only, like an artichoke heart. Then I tried to console myself with the fact it was third in the ingredient list. Finally I just opted for the "screw this, I've been eating beef hearts my entire life" approach. Plus I eat natural casing hot dogs regularly, and intestines resemble something edible far less than a big ol' piece of blood-pumping meat.

Turns out my surprise at the ingredients was all for naught, because Oscar Meyer summer sausage tastes like absolute crap anyway. Into the trash the sandwich -- and its quotient of ground-up bovine organs -- went.

Posted by Colin at August 5, 2004 4:08 PM

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