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July 30, 2004

Bits and Sundry Pieces

Several things I need to mention:

  1. If you've sent me e-mail or posted comments through this site, expecting a response, I'm just now finding them in the midst of all the comment spamming that's been occurring for the past two or three months (in spite of MT-B). All 700 of my comment notification e-mails are in a mailbox waiting to be sorted through.

  2. I'm upgrading to MT3.01D. The site may be inaccessible or not fully working as I try to piece it together and rip out old plugins (like MT-B, which is incompatible).

  3. As a stopgap until the emergency release of MT-Blacklist 2.0, I'll be locking down comments. I don't want to force TypeKey on people opposed to it, so moderated comments are available. TypeKey, on the other hand, will garner you automatic approval and my undying love (since I won't have to screen comments).

Posted by Colin at July 30, 2004 5:49 PM

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