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July 12, 2004

Election? What election?

I usually try to keep politics off this blog, but I couldn't resist this morning. To protect the precious impressionable children, though, I am keeping it off the front page.

Click through or don't, but have Eric Idle's charming "The FCC Song" at any rate. Unless you agree with the FCC's latest moves, in which case don't.

Also, Frontline has "The Jesus Factor," a piece on G. W. Bush and religion in the political arena. It's interesting no matter what you think about Bush or fundamentalist Christianity (and a little scary if you're into freedom of religion).

Ah, the handbasket that this country is becoming. Now the federal government wants the ability to suspend the presidential election in case those rascally terrorists just happen to attack in October or November.

Uh, say what?

We had a presidential election during the friggin' Civil War, people.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, though. I wondered how stupid it was going to get when the response to 9/11 was "run screaming and fork over your lifestyle and rights" despite the fact hijackings and bombs and murders were not exactly new territory. Gee, every other time getting on with life worked out just fine.

Also fun: though we heard from multiple news sources just days ago that a terror attack was being planned for that time period, DHS has now released a statement that there is no specific or reliable information stating such.

I'll tell you what, guys, take a few minutes to get your story straight and then feed us the line.

Posted by Colin at July 12, 2004 2:08 PM

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