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July 10, 2004

The Butterfly Effect

The lovely androids at Netflix shipped me The Butterfly Effect as soon as it was released, and I have to say it was a pretty good movie. After watching it, I'm not entirely sure why so many critics panned it so horribly.

Ashton Kutcher can actually act, it's paced well, and I actually ended up giving a damn about the characters.

Yes, he goes back in time repeatedly. Big deal. Most of the time it's fresh enough and worthwhile enough to warrant the repetition. The only scene I would have left on the cutting room floor was Ashton in the bathroom. It didn't really add anything to the story, and it was dull. Well, it didn't add anything but another 60 seconds of gratuitous mostly-disrobed Ashton. Which may be a selling point for the ever-important 14-year-old-girl demographic.

My major beef wasn't with the movie so much as the DVD: the sound was horrible. One of the best parts of watching a new DVD is turning off all the lights and turning on the stereo for that "theater experience." Why they bother advertising it as having 6.1 surround sound is beyond me. The entire movie is heavily weighted to the center channel. I couldn't even honestly tell some of the satellite speakers were on.

All that said, it was the single most depressing movie I've ever seen. Kev asked me what the hell I was expecting after seeing the trailers. As I told him, "I knew it would be depressing, just not that depressing."

Posted by Colin at July 10, 2004 6:36 AM

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