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July 7, 2004

John Edwards: Murderer?

It's incredibly creepy: given the right angle and lighting, John Edwards (Dem. VP candidate) looks strangely similar to wife-killer Scott Peterson. Or I suppose I should say alleged wife-killer Scott Peterson, but does anyone actually believe he's innocent? Doesn't everyone ask people out making cryptic remarks about his wife not being a problem soon, discuss ways to kill her with his friends, and then bleach his hair, use his brother's ID, and run for the border with tens of thousands of dollars?

There isn't any proof John Edwards is Scott Peterson, mind you, but it's really frightening in those brief instances he does look like a crazed murderer.

ETA: Looking back at the title, this may bring in some weird Googlers. So no, vice presidential candidate John Edwards is not a murderer, nor does he have any known relationship with Scott Peterson. If you're looking for reasons not to vote Kerry/Edwards, this isn't one. Except maybe in Bizarro World, where John Edwards killed Scott Peterson's wife. But we don't live there.

Posted by Colin at July 7, 2004 1:27 PM

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