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July 1, 2004

When Things Just Work

I love it when things just work.

Got my new APC UPSes today (since the batteries cost almost as much as a trade-up to a newer model, I opted for newer models).

Plugged it in, let it charge for 8 hours, connected it to my Mac. Voila, in-OS support for UPS functions. I briefly installed APC's software, only to find it offers no advantage over Apple's in-built features (and a few disadvantages, including a known issue of not working).

Technology is a beautiful thing when it works with you instead of conspiring against you.

Also, "mad props" to my "peeps" at APC for fixing one of my biggest complaints about my old Back-UPS Pros: they were way too easy to accidentally turn off, even with the recessed button. It's fixed in my new Back-UPS CSes, with the button not only recessed but also requiring you to hold it for 2 seconds to cut power.

Unfortunately, with the addition of a UPS USB cable to my menagerie, I'm now desperately in need of a USB hub. If only they made Hubzilla (I'm sorry, "FireWire Dino") in a USB version, my workspace could be tres cool with the 'zilla goodness.

For the Kitty-inclined, there is an incredibly creepy Hello Kitty USB Hub that moves and talks in response to your working. But I don't dig Hello Kitty, and the idea of desk toys moving about and making noise isn't my bag.

Posted by Colin at July 1, 2004 1:35 AM

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That talking HK hub is very frightening!

Posted by: D at July 3, 2004 3:15 PM

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