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June 28, 2004

Bond, Moonraker, and Netflix

I grew up in a house where there was regularly some sort of spy movie watched regularly, and more often than not it was James Bond. It follows, then, that I've become such a James Bond addict. As dated as the older films may be today, they're still a lot of fun.

And camp. Oh, are they campy.

I'm getting to the point where I've seen nearly every official Bond movie ever made, Moonraker having been the latest. Of the non-Brosnan movies, that one's easily my favorite. Like so many movies that have become the victim of my MST3K-style viewings, I watched it with my brother. We soon discovered that the secret to appearing to be in space was to flail your arms and move slowly. The popcorn was passed back and forth many times that night a la 1979 zero gravity.

All this talk about Bond brings me to the crack-rock that is Netflix: its one shortcoming is that you can't pop "James Bond" in the search box and get a listing of the movies. To find all the James Bond movies, you pretty much have to know all the James Bond actors. In some other cases, they offer nice groupings in their navigation system. James Bond, unfortunately, ain't one of them -- even in the already-narrowed "Espionage Thrillers" category. C'est la vie; searching for "Roger Moore," in particular, will get you most of the Bond movies as related movies.

Posted by Colin at June 28, 2004 11:25 AM

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