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June 25, 2004

hrie@: Damn.

It looks like the hrie@yahoo.com spamming script has gotten wise to people blocking its old "email" address, because now it's using a new one to spam with. Which is exactly what Paul Allen said would happen and is the reason MT-Blacklist doesn't include the submitted email address in the blacklist.

Given MT-Blacklist also returns an error message, which may be alerting the perpetrator to the problems, perhaps a stealthier solution is in order. Something to just silently take all comments posted using hrie@wherever.com and ignore them as if they never existed.

hrie@yahoo.com sucks. The IPs cover an enormous range of land (stolen accounts? zombified Windows systems?), so banning by IP doesn't work. It's already changed its email address once, so that won't work. It's constantly hawking new sites, so even MT-Blacklist's attempt at being proactive falls rather flat.

Upgrading to MT3 and requiring everyone to post with TypeKey would be one solution, but there's already a case of a comment spammer being registered with TypeKey "in the wild." TypeKey, after all, is intended to authenticate you as you, not stop dedicated comment spammers dead in their tracks.

Sure, deleting the offending comments is only one click away with MT-Blacklist, but dammit, I shouldn't have to. Instead, hrie@yahoo.com should be having to reassemble his or her computer from tiny pieces using a leaky tube of Krazy Glue.

Here's hoping the scumbag behind it reaps what's being sown, eh?

Posted by Colin at June 25, 2004 3:56 AM

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