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June 17, 2004


Come the end of last semester at ASU, I had a choice to make: where am I going to park?

I foolishly missed the May 1st opening of "hunting season," so I was left with two options: Lot 59 (which is all the way out by the Salt River), or Structure 7. Structure 7, for those not attending ASU, was built atop part of Lot 59. Structure 7 is slightly closer to campus than most of Lot 59, but it's also $150 more costly.

Having been stuck with Lot 59 more than once now, the decision was simple: pay the obscene $225 to park in the shade. Nothing's quite so satisfying as sweating like a pig on the mile-or-farther walk to your car, then getting into the equivalent of a blast furnace to sweat some more until your poor, overworked air conditioner can suck some form of cold air out of the blistering summer heat. A parking structure was the only logical choice, though I generally hate parking garages.

Garages are always about 1.5 lanes wide instead of two, and they always have those cramped, worthless parking spaces. Plus the hassle of a million people trying to cram themselves into the same endless 1.5 lane loop.

I've already determined that if things are too bad, I'm returning my decal and magic windshield genie for a Lot 59 decal.

Structure 7 is one of those bizarre newfangled parking garages that they're trying to make look more like a building by throwing windows on it. The odd decision was also made to put public art and a meeting area around the parking garage so it could be a focal point for the campus community. I, like many other people, don't get it: it's a parking garage. A remote parking garage. I'm not going to go spend my time hanging around outside a parking garage that's a mile from the center of campus. Between "Hey, let's go hang out at the parking garage!" and "Hey, let's go get some overpriced swill from Starbucks!", which one are most people going to choose?

Given the windows, I'm also hoping someone at ASU had the foresight to include an air handling system in the garage's design, or we're going to see a surge in CO-related deaths. Or maybe exploding cars as the greenhouse effect sets in. Parking garages with windows. Sheesh.

Posted by Colin at June 17, 2004 1:38 PM

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