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June 17, 2004

No Nice Things

Apparently I'm not allowed to have nice things. Last week I won a Matias Tactile Pro keyboard. It's a sweet little keyboard with good old-fashioned mechanical keyswitches, a spring to every keypress, and that long-lost clacky noise. Typing on a modern keyboard feels like mush after that (even on a keyboard I formerly loved, like the black Apple Pro Keyboard I'm typing this on now).

Between the first sentence and the parenthetical comment of the last, it should be obvious I've encountered trouble in paradise.

My Tactile Pro, I fear, is afflicted with a phantom. I hadn't experienced phantom keys or blocking keys in years (over the years, I had a single cheapo Logitech that had it on a modifier key). Then I tried to empty the trash using my usual shortcut of right Command-right Shift-Delete a couple nights ago, and no dice. Worked fine with left Command and left Shift, just not with their clones on the right side.

As I'd soon find out using Keyboard Viewer, which I prefer to call Son of Key Caps, a significant number of the keys don't function using the right Command key in combination with either shift key. Left Command is free to traipse about the land commanding keys with his hollowed-out Apple and Scandinavian point of interest symbol, but the minute Right Command happens on to the scene, bad shift goes down.

It's truly disappointing. While that keyboard was probably slowly rendering me deaf with its incessant but nostalgic clacking, it had increased my speed (probably because I could actually hear my rhythm again) and accuracy. And it sure was purdy, with its clear and white, and the entire range of available characters printed on each key.

Tech support offered two thrilling options: use Sticky Keys so you don't have to press three or more keys at once (which is what causes phantom keys in all its mutations), or return the keyboard for a refund. Given the lack of an "exchange the keyboard for a different one" option in there, I wonder if the "sold out" everyone's experiencing at various resellers is permanent. Being as the keyboard was comped anyway, I'd probably see a sparkling $0.00 from a "refund" (and fact is I really want the keyboard, not $99.95 plus $20 shipping).

So it's back to my e-mail to enlist the tried-and-true approach of "offer your own solution and see if they bite." Worst they can say is "we'd love to, but don't have a keyboard to exchange it for."

Posted by Colin at June 17, 2004 12:46 PM

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Hmm. Just got a tactile pro and mine is afflicted with the same issue. How did you end up resolving this?

Posted by: Luke at October 22, 2005 2:56 PM

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