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May 19, 2004


Independent artists continue to show up on the iTunes Music Store, and this time it's an artist I discovered way back when MP3.com still had actual music and didn't suck: Celldweller.

The man behind the band has had a profitable career producing music for MTV, in addition to his previous project, Circle of Dust (which released three albums).

If you're familiar with Enigma, Celldweller and CoD are pretty much the same deal (single man as whole band), except the music is considerably harder.

$9.99 for 18 songs is a bargain, especially the way some of Celldweller's stuff sticks in my head.

Celldweller: Celldweller (Album)

Since I already brought Enigma up, a moment of mention for them/him as well: Voyageur is one of the stranger songs I've heard from Enigma. Couple the cool song with the weirdly sexy music video, and I'm hooked.

Engima: Voyageur

Posted by Colin at May 19, 2004 4:34 PM

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