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April 12, 2004

Of Mice and Stardust

Listening through the previews at the iTunes Music Store, Modest Mouse's _Good News for People Who Love Bad News_ sounds interesting. It even sounds like the epic albums of decades ago where artists were less likely to vomit a bunch of disparate crap onto a disc than carefully arrange an album as a whole. One song leads into another, and it is good. By and large they've certainly developed a sound of their own. But then there's the amazingly popular _Float On_, which is constantly on the airwaves in Phoenix. I was listening to The Edge when I heard it the first time, and just stared at the radio for a moment as I was sitting in the parking lot. The Edge is playing David Bowie? Bowie recorded another album already? Did I die and get sucked into an alternate dimension? The song ended, the DJ announced the track information, and it was Modest Mouse. But it sounds -- to me at least -- a *lot* like some of Bowie's work. If they weren't actually trying for the sound, it's a case of freaky happenstance.

Posted by Colin at April 12, 2004 8:00 AM

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