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Glad I'm Not Him

When I got my computer back from Dell the last time, it came with a hard drive that wasn't mine. Rather, the hard drive belongs to a guy we'll call Jim.

I'm sure Jim is quite distressed that he doesn't have his files. I'm sure he's even more distressed that Dell probably doesn't appear to be doing anything about it. If Jim is smart and lucky, he backed up his files before sending the computer off (though, were Jim really smart and lucky, he would have removed the hard drive -- but given the quality of some of Dell's tech support, the "remove parts X, Y, and Z" part of the conversation is being left out a lot more than it used to be).

Since I am in possession of said hard drive, I'm also distressed. I know if it was my hard drive missing, I'd be pissed and concerned. So one of the first things I did when I realized I had someone else's property was try to get it back to them.

When I called Dell to return my freshly-returned just-committed-suicide system, I noted to the tech that not only was my computer now dead, but I also had someone else's hard drive. "You have someone else's hard drive?" he asked. "Yes," I responded. "Okay," he said. I foolishly assumed it would be addressed. By the end of the night, it was unaddressed, I'd been on the phone with Dell for close to three hours and I was now talking to someone in India. Trying to describe the issue to someone in another country at well past my bed time on a business day was not on my list of things to do.

So I filled out the email customer service form, hoping they'd be the ones to handle it. They sent me a reply that they didn't handle technical support issues, and forwarded my email to technical support.

Technical support replied, and worked with me to arrange a pickup for the hard drive. 3 to 4 days, they said. That was March 13th. I assumed they meant business days, so I'd left a little slack before harassing them again. Today's the 25th, and Jim's hard drive is still sitting on my bookshelf.

This reminds me of the time Dell told me -- on four occasions -- a supervisor would be calling me about an issue I was having. Nobody ever called. Not the first time, not the second, not the third, and not the fourth.

Similarly, no box has shown up. So now I try yet again, hoping maybe -- just maybe -- a box actually shows up and Jim gets his hard drive back safe and sound. If you're out there, Jim, it's not for lack of my trying that your hard drive is still MIA.


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Damn, talk about inept. I shouldn't be surprised, though. My sent in a $40 payment in the form of a check to Dell. Imagine his shock when his checkking accout was overdrawn to the tune of $4000. Of course, he'd just sent out bills for the month from that same account - including the mortgage - so everything bounced. It was about a month before his funds were redeposited to his account. Idiots.

Ineptitude abounds. As I told them in the letter I wrote recently, this was my first Dell and it will also be my last.

The first six months were nice. But it's all been downhill from there. I suppose I'm lucky I haven't had them try to bleed me for $4000, though.

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