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February 29, 2004

Yet Another Flash MX Bug

I discovered another bug in Flash MX this afternoon while attempting to complete a project using a listener that gets notification of every keypress event.

The "Test Movie" function in the development environment returns the wrong keycodes for the keypad.

The proper keypad keycodes are 97-105 for keys 1 through 9. Flash MX instead detects them as 49-57, which are keys 1 through 9 on the main keyboard. I've never been a proponent of pirating software, but when a piece of software as expensive as Flash MX has as many annoying bugs as I've run into (and no bug fixes -- what the heck, Macromedia?), it's distressing to know you paid money for it.

Handy dandy workaround du jour? Utilize the fall-through properties of case statements to allow either set of keycodes to activate the desired function. Unless of course you actually need them to be treated differently, in which case you'll have to use something other than trace statements for debugging.

Posted by Colin at February 29, 2004 3:02 PM

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